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RF Design:

Over twenty years of experience designing RF and analog boards and systems.  Including communications systems, components, and radar modules for various modulation formats.  Extensive work in receivers for varying bandwidths and detection methods.  Familiar with OFDM CDMA, TDMA, GSM, QPSK, AMPS, Multi Level FM, and Standard AM and FM.  Extensive Power Amplifier work to 10 Watts.  Experience in all frequencies from DC to over 24 GHz.  

Low phase noise synthesizer design and development for communications systems.  Oscillator design from lower RF frequencies through X-band, including XTAL, VCO, TCXOs, OCXO, etc.

Low noise amplifier design using latest components such as MESFETS, PHEMTS, GaAs FETS etc.  Expert in designing Bi-Directional amplifiers for various communications systems including WLAN, PCS and cellular systems. 

Extensive filter design and analysis using helical, combline and interdigitated filter configurations, lumped element, distributed and ceramic resonator types.  Expert at Antenna definition and design.

Expert at circuit simulation and modeling using the latest harmonic balance platforms.  Especially knowledgeable on RF and Microwave PCB layout techniques.  


Systems definition and design combining RF, Analog and Digital technologies. Design and implementation of computer control systems, software, and networking for controlling RF hardware.  Significant experience in combining different technologies including fiber, RF, digital, etc.

Test Development/Manufacturing:

Extensive work in designing and implementing RF test systems for low and high volume RF production environments up to 24 GHz.  Familiar with all types of test equipment, implementation and software programming.  Expert in designing RF, Analog and digital printed circuit boards for testability, manufacturablity and In-Circuit Test.  Knowledgeable on all phases of manufacturing and process control.  Design for manufacturing is heavily considered during the design phase.


HP 8753 Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and other RF and Analog test equipment.

Ansoft Harmonica Non-Linear/Linear Simulation Software, PSpice and other support tools for PC layout, schematic capture, BOM and inventory control.

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